Lou d'Arbois Alpen Beauté
Veronique Guery

CEO of Alpen Beauté

A citizen of the world, I took a break in the mountains from my discovery-packed travels, hoping to recharge my batteries. Lou d’Arbois was founded at this time. Fascinated with cosmetics and armed with years of observation, I had great ambitions, which were essential for launching a new cosmetics brand, given that the existing offer is already very extensive! I felt that creating a skincare line that provided a real solution to each one of my needs and expectations would be well-founded!

Above all, I wanted to develop a line that provides an expertly balanced combination of natural benefits, pleasure and effectiveness. Similar to the sensation of absolute well-being I felt in a cozy chalet after a day in the snow under the mountain sun, I wanted to create "comforting" skincare with soothing action. "Comforting" because my treatments are suitable for the most sensitive skin types, offering an incomparable level of protection. I also felt that it was important to launch a universal skincare line that could be used in both hot and cold climates.

Finally, I wished to satisfy my personal needs and erase the signs of aging from my skin. I also wanted a more concise product line to avoid a cluttered vanity case when I travel, save time without losing the notion of pleasure and use healthy formulas packaged in airless bottles to preserve them from contamination and damage due to use.

I am the number one consumer of Lou d’Arbois products and am finally convinced that my skin is now truly protected and beautifully enhanced.
Above promises

The skin absorbs approximately 60% of directly applied substances, i.e. 2 kg of matter per year. It is therefore essential to limit the use of synthetic chemical compounds, which may prove incompatible with the skin and trigger cutaneous intolerance, allergies, redness and even cell damage.

Lou d’Arbois focuses on transparency by delivering reliable, matter-of-fact information. We firmly believe that you should know which ingredients are used in the products that nourish your skin, in the same way that you are informed about the ingredients in your foods.

Formulation expertise

Formulated in Switzerland by our natural cosmetic experts, our treatments are based on scientific research in the field of alpine ingredients, boasting the highest levels of performance and tolerance for the body. All formulas undergo a long and meticulous development process. To obtain a concentration of active ingredients with optimal effectiveness, they are tested at different dosages. As a result, Lou d’Arbois skincare products contain up to 20% active ingredients.
Lou d’Arbois guarantees skincare with a minimum of 95% natural active ingredients.

The remaining percentage is essentially comprised of synthetic preservatives authorized for use in organic products to ensure freshness and stability, together with an allergen-free fragrance.

From the beginning...

Raw materials are carefully selected and controlled. We use no raw materials of animal origin, except for Royal jelly produced by bees.
Fully in line with our values, Lou d’Arbois has committed to implement bee protection measures. .
All packaging is recycled and/or recyclable.
Lou d’Arbois skincare products are not tested on animals.

Our skincare CONTAINS NO:
o Parabens, PEG (polyethylene glycols), GMO, Phthalates, phenoxyethanol, silicone,
o mineral and paraffin oils or artificial colors.
o Animal ingredients, except for beehive products.
Lou d’Arbois, exceptional cosmetics

Lou d’Arbois: back to the basics
Enjoy and delight in the original benefits of nature, thanks to the properties of plants, water, minerals and royal jelly from bees, while respecting and protecting our natural environment.

Lou d’Arbois offers a new alliance
A new alliance that provides an optimal balance between reason, innovation and pleasure. Much more than a brand, it conveys an art of living derived from our natural heritage, which combines sensory fulfillment, harmony and well-being.

Exceptional cosmetics... because nature is the quintessence of luxury
To achieve excellence, Lou d’Arbois implements scientific plant expertise to offer the full potential of the most effective natural ingredients available and combine them to boost their beneficial properties.

The philosophy
To enhance natural beauty